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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dear Mr Pa ...

I was going to comment how totally  busted the Gnome is with this whole New Orléans tragedy, but Michael Moore beat me to it with his Open Letter.

Then news reached me of the unctuous Miss Blair's PR minions being caught out on a silly matter, so I chose frivolity over being caught tongue-tied like the Beaky Bush.

Seems that Poodle Père wrote to congratulate his bouffant son on completing Britannia's shame by conning us into voting him into Number 10. Signed it 'Pa', of course ....

The ever-vigilant Downing Street press office sent back a thank-you note addressed to 'Dear Mr Pa'.

Speaking of fathers and getting back to the doobyus Dubya, did  you see his grotesque performance the other night asking his own pa and Clinton for help drumming up cash - my dear, he had not the faintest  idea which way to look or what to do with his hands.

God, he must dread this sort of thing - if a city under water and rampant looting on our doorstep can be passed off as 'this sort of thing'.

Out there on his tod, expected to mouth actual words on the fly; No ventriloquacious Karl behind him feeding him grunted monosyllables?

Worse than trying to wade Faubourg Marigny and having a floating 'gator take a chunk out of you ....

Katrinathon - Bevy of the beautiful joining Larry King on a sing-song to whip up cash for the poor wretches on the Gulf coast.

It won't work. They'll make a few bob here and there but no real money. We're much more at home sending our shekels to unfortunates on the other  side of the world. It's our penance/conscience money for not knowing (or caring) what goes on "over there". Also, what need fork out for folks down the road and risk duplicating the government's own funding for local emergencies.

Jolly nice idea - and what a star-studded line-up:

  • Eric Clapton
  • Harry Connick Jr.
  • Céline Dion
  • John Goodman (eh? what's he going to do?)
  • Siren-voiced LeAnn Rimes
  • Young master Clay Aiken
  • Sela Ward (whoever she is)
  • Terri Hatcher (know who *she* is)
  • Richard Simmons (ooh! haven't heard of our Dickie for ever so long - medicine balls for Bourbon Street, I expect) ....

    Uncle Eric will look and pluck gorgeously, he always does.

    It still won't raise a bean.

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    Busker, do tell: perhaps I missed something blogwise, but why the strikethroughs?

    Missed nothing, mon cher. Rescued me.
    The bear-hugs are are a-massing.
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