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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

pic of w&g

Cheesy Fate for Stinking Bishop

T'Wallace & Gromit effect

My kind of story - and who better to convey the essential British nuttiness than the good old Grauniad?

Cheesemaker and self-confessed ageing hippy Charles Martell happily pottering away producing 'washed rind' Stinking Bishop - once made by Cistercian monks.

Next thing, he unwisely gives the Wallace & Gromit crew permission to talk up his pongy fromage in their new chef-d'oeuvre, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit - destined to be a hit for its name alone.

Look what they did to (and for) Wensleydale - and look at this Yorkshire Post article for how seriously folks take it.

Mr Martell's days of quiet and aromatic hippie-dom are over. He may as well order up his Savile Row suits and await the Lexus salesman's call.

Hmm, I wonder what blogs the movie will be featuring?

For starters, Gromit is *dead certain* to have Rowdy Rover at the top of his Bloglines subs - so I trust Mary is ready to beat off a coupla zillion hits come the October 7 release time.

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