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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chaos & Creation

~ The new McCartney ~

If it isn't Comfortable Chaos, it's the musical version.

Rec'd a review copy of Paul's in the mail (plus groveling PR note craving my kind attention - as if Sir Paul needed help from me) and am enthralled by the moving cover pic.

I don't know if you can see it clearly, but it seems to be a b&w snap by Auntie, thru the kitchen window, of a teenaged PMcC strumming on an acoustic.

It's a classic snap - who knows what he was fingering by way of the DNA of some future timeless money-maker?

I don't actually have any McCartney in my store - nicked over the years by dishonest "pals" but this album is perfect.

I doubt I can write much about it, too close to how I feel about too many things I'm not ready to spill about.

But it's a lovely foto that makes me yearn for the days of full-sized LP covers and sitting there gazing as the music pumped.

Nice to see a shot of the young McCartney features instead of the parchment facial we're presented with today, reminding me of some well-preserved duchess.

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