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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Being Poor

Uh oh - rumble!

Like Seditious, I too had noticed El Prohibito's uncharacteristic lapse of judgement in propagating David Scalzi's limp-wristed (not to mention prolix) rambling on poverty.

But he (Prohibito) being a clever lad and not one to offend, I kept my counsel.

Not so my Liege Seditio, who has responded in fine fashion and with the brusqueness of a tarantula.

Cave postem: Before clicking on Sed's response, ensure all sensitive scalziani are removed from the area lest they be offended by intemperate language (albeit literate).

I say keep the arthropod *and* this piece. Who cares if Scalzers bleats?

Post-script: I hear from unreliable sources that Herr Scalz has actually written back to the Lion of the NightKr├╝e.

I dread to imagine the defensive self justifying whiney response, and indeed any reply Sedito deigns to give. I suspect none, knowing the man's class and genial disdain for entering the lists on such matters.

I read the rebuttal again and Sed does a 14-carat Thor job on the whinge.

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