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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

100-minute Bible

One thinks one gets used to the ravages and dumbing-down of the Bible but there's always a new onslaught waiting round the corner.

The 100-minute Bible strikes me as spoon-feeding and patronizing as they come.

But I wish some of this had happened during *my* school days when so many of us were subjected to the hypocrisy and ministrations of the school chaplain, who only put down his Bible to take up the cane.

Whatever his private demons and perversions, he did seem to love the Good Book and it would have been such delicious revenge to have disingenuously asked him for a discussion of the new-style Sermon on the Mount.

He'd have been torn between seeming to do his duty and allowing such a discussion, and treating himself to his favorite form of spreading the Good Word - thrashing us for suspected insolence.

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