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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Vlog the Impaler

I knew I'd hit pay dirt if I kept Clint Sharp's clever page in my sights.

That's how I came across Chuck Olsen's classy and articulate blogumentary - and boy, does CO know clear and imaginative formatting - thanks to which I'm now firmly hooked on anything Steve Garfield puts out.

Just off the top of my head, here's what makes his output such pleasurable fun to read 'n' heed:

The sort of thing that gives Bloglines a good name.

Great post! You're noticing good stuff! -Bre
Bre - thank you so much! Having checked out yr own v cool page, that's a real compliment you've paid me ~ Chris
Thanks for the compliment. One of these days I'll actually manage to make it to a Seattle meetup and we can hang out :).
Clint - thanks. me, too, i'm trying for another seattle meetup so's to meet you in the flesh and catch up with the others i've met there on the 2 occasions i've managed.

i'm replying here instead of clicking on yr name because, as of 1945hrs PST, I'm getting wordpress error message. Is no doubt Miami Vice effect n all will be ok once y're safely back in NW ;-) C
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