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Sunday, August 28, 2005

40-yr-old virgin hyphenated


How very funny.

Down I trundle to the Pav to buy a brace of tickets for one of the Brothers - Grimm or Four, or maybe even a bit of scaredy-pants hand holding with Red Eye.

Anyway, sharp-eyed mamzel spots that the 40-virgins poster over the ticket booth actually has all hyphens in place.

This signals a photo opp, so out with the new toy and a quick snap as evidence.

It's only when we get home that I'm struck by the splendid juxtapositioning with the Wedding Crashers poster:

  • Chaste Carell certainly looking coy enough for his predicament, if a leetle   fresh-faced for 40 .
  • Owen Wilson looking cool and manly
  • As for Vince Vaughn ... et voilà ... a red-blooded gesture that no father's likely to mistake for a young man "saving" himself.

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