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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Red Pipe, Blue Dots (1999) - Bret Price

Under Our Noses

I bet you're like me and have walked past this striking steel sculpture countless times without even pausing to check the caption.

Bret Price sculpture with Daigle officeIt's called Red Pipe, Blue Dots (1999) and it's from the studio (furnace?) of one Bret Price who turns out to be a major name in this field with the likes of International Sculpture Center and ArtScene waxing eloquent.

Equally intriguing is what lies behind the anonymous 1950s façade of that office at 1980 Olympic Drive.

No less than dynamo designers Daigle who boast the most amazing client portfolio, among which:

  • BPA
  • Ferrycam (whose cameras appear *still* to be down)
  • Joelle's Coffee
  • Porsche, would you believe? Check out Daigle's
    link - it *is* fun, as they say.
  • No surprise, they also handle Bret Price
  • Those clear Welcome to Bainbridge signs.
  • Oh, and a whole host more - treat yourselves to fun exploring Daigle's ultra cool site.

    I sound like a PR hack touting for business - which I'm sure they don't need, so don't go rushing round there hoping for a revamp of your grotty little election posters.

    I'm just sharing some little-known info' and celebrating what a power-house of talent we rub shoulders with on the Island.

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