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Friday, August 26, 2005

Seattle Weblogger Meetup

'Live' in the P-I

Thanks to a tip-off by the tireless Anita Rowland in her Meetup report, I'm able to pass on a nifty little write-up by the P-'gencer's Athima Chansanchai.

As per so many previous, I missed the August meeting and probably won't improve my track record ... except that I *might* now that I've been hauled back into the work force.

I may need to tap all those clever types for opinions on 21st century automation of customer service processes.

Before I forget - 10/10 to Ms Chansanchai for extremely conscientious linking - I think everyone mentioned got their chefs-d'œuvre a look in there. I suppose that's the current etiquette, making sure you get everyone's URL, rather like in olden times reporters dutifully noted everyone in a photo lest they inadvertently leave out some grandee pal of the proprietor.

Speaking of clever types, Jake Metcalf came out with some splendid quotes - must have made AC feel her trogging out to Ralph's was all worthwhile:

"We're attention whores ... The meetings are a good way of telling yourself that you are not nuts and there are other people that are obsessed with creating and sharing content online."

That's so good. Yes, I really must  be less feeble about mingling with The Players.

Also a good quote from Hubby-of-Anita, the carefully full-named Jack William Bell, or rather Jack William "Antigravitas" Bell, if I'm to keep in everyone's good books and do an Athima and credit everyone's page.

Quoth JWB:

"I blog because it is an outlet for writing ... I am a writer and computer programmer for a living, so you would think that writing in my spare time is the last thing I would want to do. But it is a busman's holiday for me; a chance to write humor or rant or do any of the other things I can't do in the dry prose I churn out for a technical audience."

The only other phrase to catch my eye was that recurring observation that ,

"These guys religiously monitor their blog stats through tracking services. They know how many readers visit daily, which browsers they use and who links to their sites."

They do, don't they? I've noticed that. Rum ... and applied to so many bloggie types. I wonder if I'm missing out on something terribly obvious or Freudian ... or just plain lucrative.

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