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Saturday, August 06, 2005

catskill collection

Memo to Self

1400 hrs, Friday

Having pretended that I *have* burnt The Catskill Collection for U-know-who, I had better now *do* it, or I know what'll happen:

I'll roll up to the Bagel this evening **without** the wretched disk and be totally busted and be sent packing in embarrassed tears.

Post-script: Well, I *did* burn the album and placed it in a fool-proof prominent spot by the door where even I couldn't miss it as I left for BagBeans. So what happens? I'm so on time and in control, I efficiently pile everything I need on the dining table larry dewey

What's the one thing I walk out without? Correct - the CD. Like *when* do I ever go to play guitar carrying a CD? Quite. So I just brushed it aside as not belonging to the rest of the stuff and off I drove.

First person I see as I pull up outside Bagels? Yep, Tu-Sais-Qui. I have no alternative but to drive home and retrieve the thrice accursèd recording.

An emptyish evening with few musicians and a skeleton audience which seemed to translate into skeleton repertoires as none of us could really think of what to play.

My own exhumations included

  • Iris Dement's Mojave song
  • Cliff Richard's 'Traveling Light'
  • Beatles' 'All My Loving'
  • Rick Nelson's 'Traveling Man' (hmm, two songs with 'traveling' in the title - Freudian).
  • Kingston Trio's 'MTA'
  • Karmic humiliation note, sub-section "Filibuster"

    As if I hadn't made sufficient fool of myself, the question of the derivation of "filibuster" came up, to which I confidently spouted that it owed its name to a long-winded politician (Phil E. Buster, perchance?).

    I couldn't have been more wrong and *that* would have been a good time to make my tearful exit ....

    For the rest of you:

    "Filibuster is the term used for an extended debate in the Senate which has the effect of preventing a vote.

    Senate rules contain no motion to force a vote. A vote occurs only once debate ends.

    The term comes from the early 19th century Spanish and Portuguese pirates, "filibusteros", who held ships hostage for ransom.

    So now you know ...

    I was at the jam earlier, all by myself, and finally decided that somebody had changed the plans without telling me , so I left, talked to others on the phone, and decided to come back. Thank goodness, because I wouldn't have heard "Hotter than Mojave" otherwise. Not to mention the CD, comments about which I'll send you under separate cover (as they used to say in business jargon).

    I would have bet on Philip E. Buster myself. Stranger things have happened...
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