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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Google Stands Ground

Well, how wrong could I have been? There was I thinking that the sheer range of objections, and the way the book trade organized such massive press coverage, would slow Google in their tracks.

Up to a point, Lord Copper ...

Their blog update about this whole Print for Libraries program included "modifications":

  1. Google have always offered an "opt-out" registration process for works still under copyright. They now include an opt-out in advance scheme with formalized web interface to ease the process. ("Now copyright holders can tell us which books they'd prefer us not to scan if we find them in a library." The cheek!)
  2. Part of the formal advance opt-out procedure includes 'temporary' suspending of scanning copyright books from now to Nov 1st

Big deal: The process will take years to complete anyway so what sort of concession is a mere 2½ months?

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