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Friday, August 05, 2005


I just *love* Danny O'Brien's incomparable NTK.

I used to fancy myself as a bit of a David Thomson (whose first Biog Dict I publicized for the UK publishers) but one glimpse of NTK's review section and I jacked in that whole celluloid commentary gig.

This week's is particularly good: concise, witty and absolutely all I need to know.


"A flying "Short Circuit"/ HAL 9000 AI is struck by lightning, downloads "all of" the songs on the internet, and therefore must be destroyed, posits the preposterous STEALTH (NB: Pop-ups, generally oddly-behaving site)

The crew goes to Thailand for some R&R and we see some miscellaneous cleavage. There are many shots of Jessica "Blade 3" Biel in very tight pants.


The theme of autonomous vehicles developing a mind of their own is developed for younger viewers in HERBIE: Fully Loaded.

Lindsay "Mean Girls" Lohan shows a little cleavage and wears a very short skirt. When Herbie spots a new VW Bug, some sexy-style music plays on the soundtrack. We then see Herbie's antenna suddenly spring up.

The Island

Michael "The Rock" Bay remakes "Logan's Run" - with more car chases - in THE ISLAND .

Ewan McGregor plays two versions of the same man, one who realizes his life isn't anything like what he's been told and then goes on the run once he learns that.

He fights various people who come after him, and Scarlett Johansson, with whom he later has sex."
PS to my acerbic reader who takes such objection to my shoving in jpegs of bébés chaleureuses at every possible opportunity and irrelevance, note my superhuman resistance against illustrating this with pouting pics of mademoiselles Biel, Lohan and - be still my beating heart - Johansson.

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