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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hoskinson water tower

The Circle Game

A medal to city public works engineer, Lorenz Eber, for his imaginative idea of the Hoskinson water tower living on as an 'historic centerpiece to a future roundabout' (BI Review, front page, Aug 20)

"It wouldn't block traffic," Eber points out. "It would actually calm it."

What it won't calm - and I know whereof I speak, and carry the epistolary scars - is the flurry of excited mail from those who demand full-frontal vision.

I wrote to the Review in response to some daffy whinge about vision-challenge with the Madison/High School roundabout and got thoroughly duffed up, one chap even quoting the German road system and including the death-defying phrase, "Chris Holmes is wrong."

roundabout #2Speaking of the High School merry-go-round, gosh it's a messy poster parade these days.

My only puzzlement is why the Code Enforcer's manservant Jimmy ├ślsen seems to have missed a trick by not also plastering the traffic island with catchy signage for his master's mayoral bid.

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