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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BUSKER thought he might NEEDS a LAPTOP

but is holding off til Aug 29 when he might find that his new employers furnish one.

I've 'phoned around and it *seems* that an IBM Thinkpad is what this season's thrusting young execs are wielding. Ah so.

I must Having spammed the troops, and check. I don't want to roll up first day at the office and be the laughing stock with some Toytown gizmo.

But why such haste? Perhaps job includes  such road-warrior accessories.

I'll still spam the chaps but will hold off forking out actual spondulix til I know what's what. the following are on my shortlist:

  • Dell. X1 or 410
  • IBM ThinkPad T40
  • iBook versus Apple PowerBook lobbying
  • Compaq/Hewlett P concoction
  • Evo
  • Toshiba Satellite 5105
  • Sony Vaio
  • A-a-n-d ... last word to New Employer in whose office I spent a genial few hours Wed afternoon: their close b2b connection with Dell offers good discounts on gizmos of choice. Indeed, all the gleaming new equipment being set up around me bore the mark of Dell.
    • *No* freebie laptops to employees. Party line is they might encourage toiling after hours and thus interfere with noble pursuits such as blogging, strumming and hugging, and so forth.

    But many many  thanks, everyone, for these tips.

  • Comments:
    I have a two year old IBM Thinkpad T40 and I love it. Luckily for me my employer bought it because they can be a bit pricey. It has one of those extended batteries and I've gone as long as 6 hours on one charge. It I had the money to spend and I wanted a Windows running machine, I would definitely buy a Thinkpad.

    I also have a three year old Toshiba Satellite 5105 which is a pretty nice laptop but it won't go much over a couple hours on a charge. It is also quite a bit heavier than the Thinkpad.
    thanks so much! i've decided to be in less of a hurry, see what my employers have in mind for staff equipment and/or what discounts they have access to, etc. But its invaluable to have such feedback and be able to narrow the field. C
    My son's girlfriend, 28 and employed by an engineering firm, says, "I love, really love, my Sony Vaio. It's really clean looking, very simple design, slim and light. In fact, it's been called sexy by many."
    Dell X1

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