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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Police Blotter for 1817 hrs, July 31

Motorist stopped for traffic violation ... driver signaled for a left turn then failed to do so, causing another motorist to brake to allow the turn.
OK, so the suspect was also driving on a revoked license but how admirable of the law to come down on faux signalers.

I'm *always* slowing for these twits to make their turn which of course they never do.

What I *never* do, is pull out into traffic on the dodgy premise that someone signaling right is turning IN.

A particularly bad section for this is the High School/Safeway patch when drivers who turned south from Madison still have their blinkers signaling right. This can be deceptive for shoppers growing impatient to exit north.

I've agreed with my younger daughter that when the Volvo is on its very last legs - and with her as a vlogger witness - I'll take one of these signalers at their word and maneuver a sufficient collision for our jalopy to be a safe and lucrative write-off.

One is always longing to call these dozy types' bluff and actually proceed on the basis of their lazy signal, but how to be sure of cast-iron witnesses able to convince and confirm who was to blame sufficient for the Law and the adjusters?

And I wonder if that sort of v-log evidence is sub judice 'til the insurers sort out the payments, or whether one can post it immediately after the prang?

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