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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Animal Rites

Surprise surprise.

The Grauniad reports a PETA study that points to cruelty to animals in childhood as an early warning of "a propensity for violence against other people."

It draws its conclusions from cases of severe animal abuse by children who later committed acts of extreme violence.

Extreme as in murder, as in the case Robert Thompson of Thompson & Venables fame who was 10 years old when he and JV killed two-year-old Jamie Bulger.

It seems that RT was given to pulling the heads off live birds. Ugh - I don't think even Ozzie did our feathered friends.

Rather a sinister deadpan quote from one Robert Ressler, founder of the FBI's behavioural sciences unit, likely to cause pup-loving Brits like me to blanch.

According to Ressler, these juvie killers " ... are the kids who never learned that it was wrong to poke a puppy's eyes out."

Like one needs to be sat down and specifically *taught* that sort of thing?

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