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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tooloee louie

~ mayoral bid ~

Bravo Nezam Tooloee for lobbing his hat into the political ring (Review front page, "Tooloee makes surprise bid for mayor").

(And what about that epistolary bouquet in the same July 30 issue from Joe Honick? Member of the Society of Professional Journalists and National Press Club in Washington, no less ... )

"Does an outstanding job as a community newspaper", lauds JH, who takes our local rag "along with my New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times."

bowler hatPraise and distinguished company, indeed, but I suggest we keep a lid on gush like that before it ups the price to a buck and the Editor's distinguished pate to the next size up in bowlers.

Getting back to 'Shazam' Tooloee's entry in the lists, what particularly impressed me were the professional and dignified statements following the announcement.

Councilman Tooloee:

Aide Mémoire: dramatis personae of who's running where and for what this fall:


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