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Friday, July 08, 2005

austin powers

Poll Time

Out with yer votes ... it's Seattle Weekly's Best of the best survey.

How did the shagadelic Austin Powers advert go?

(Such a clever adjective - if *only* it'd been invented back in my own flared-trousers, kipper tie days)artdish

If you vote for only *one* website - vote for [whomever you fancy ] ... if you vote for two, spare a thought for my good friend kyrios Jim Demetre's noble ArtDish mag.

You know, I WANT to like Art Dish, and I kind of did under its previous editor, but I fail to understand why it insists on covering things like The Gates in Central Park when there are interesting things happening in art right around here. Right in galleries on BI, in fact. Maybe you can suggest to your pal that he take a 35 minute ferry ride once in a while...instead of looking 3,000 miles east.

as usual, astute BB.

JIm did in fact entrust me with being BI's cub reporter Lunchtime O'Booze but i failed him ...
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