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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


No Failures

(just "deferred success")

After all that guff about stalwart Brits weathering the bombings, I'm almost ashamed to report pathetic sissiness on the education front:

Worried lest our sensitive darlings be put off learning, some asinine teacher - rightly retired and better off staying so - suggests doing away with the f-word and replacing it with the concept of 'deferred success'.

What utter bilge. It's exactly this sort of idiocy that'll bring the country to its knees quicker and more effectively than any bomb-toting quartet from Leeds.

Why not? I'm on a deferred diet.
Lol. Agile humour like that is permitted. It's this witless obsession with plumbing new and more idiotic depths of blairist political correctitude that makes me despair.
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