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Saturday, July 09, 2005

phone operator

Need to speak with a human?

Clever 21st-century phonista essay by Patricia Marx in Time mag, warning that "when calling someone in the modern era, you never know who will answer."

It resonated with me; maybe with you.

Teaser opening para:

"Thank you for calling. To get you the help you need as fast as possible, we need to know why you called. Please say one of the following key words:
  • 1) "weasel" if you were hoping we wouldn't be home, so that you could leave a message and get credit for calling;
  • 2) "bored" if you are stuck in traffic and have time to waste but none of your friends you really want to talk to are home;
  • 3) "lawn mower" if we borrowed something of yours, never returned it, and you want it back;
  • 6) "whoops" if you have the wrong number. To better serve you, we have eliminated the numbers 4 and 5 from our menu options."
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