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Thursday, July 21, 2005

london subway t-shirt

Down the Tube

I know my garb for today.

Out of solidarity with my embattled fellow Brits, I shall be sporting my 'Going Underground' London subway T-shirt.

Twice in a fortnight must be a bit nerve-shredding, altho' the pals I've phoned or emailed seem more irked than panicking. Still, this has to be the Tipping Point for us all as far as feeling safe in public is concerned.

busker in t-shirtMy commute to work used to start south of the River at obscure Oval station and I'd get out at Warren Street - both targeted for these latest detonations.

It sounds a mite hairy for those who found themselves face-to-face with the would-be exploders - *four* duds? What are the odds of *that*?? Thank **goodness** injuries weren't worse.

Blimey! The effing nerve of trying to pull a stunt like this so soon after July 7!

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