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Sunday, July 03, 2005

pegasus logo

Cat Loves Crow

(and everyone loves *them*)

The perfect musical prelude to the whole July 4 musical shenanigans:

First off, it was as full a house as I've seen at these excellent Pegasus concerts.

larry & emilyaudienceaghast


Damn'd distinguished audience, to boot.

eddieWell ... OK ... as evidenced on the right, one or two dubious looking types *did* manage to sneak in ....

karena and joeKarena and Joe both have wonderful voices and sing *the* most divine harmonies. I always wonder, did they sing that well together the moment they met - and *then* fall in lurve and commit matrimony - or did Cupid's plectrum twang and *then* they found they sang so sweetly together?

A *great* evening - thoroughly enjoyed by all. I'm just sorry I had to leave at the interval and missed Matt P joining them ~ altho' he'll be at Seabold, so don't no one miss him (or anyone else) there.j&k j&k
(Psst - have you noticed how many guitarists - usually male - who can take tight audible solos seem *in*-capable of announcing the next song without rambling on for 2 minutes in totally *in*audible sotto voce tones? Just wanted to mention)

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