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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

'Accidental' Potter Sale

Draconian Doe Injunction

What *is* it about the Canadian book trade that Potter security is so hard to maintain?

If I know the Net, core details will be up there in a trice.

I love the dramatic (nay, heroic, even) image of some reptile newshound being "shot at in an attempt to recover the book and return it to its publishers."

  • Here's how the dear old Torygraph covered it.
  • And how Canadian TV wrote it up.
  • Sales-wise in the UK, Lord Voldemort appears alive and well and buying books at Kwik Save in a ludicrous game of duelling discounts - £4.99, would you believe? A discount of *70%*?
  • And finally, your Potter news aggregator.

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