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Friday, June 24, 2005


With the Blog juggernaut now entering the pompous overweening stage, perspective is blurring and silly powers are being claimed and assigned in its sacred and all-powerful name.

I liked Tom Murphy's comments on the usually sensible Steve Rubel's take on the silly Sally Hodge rabbiting on about the demise of press releases.

There was another instance a few weeks back: some prolific blogger - Scobie? Scoble? - had decided that some big company had thwarted or contradicted him, or just had the nerve to express a differing opinion.

I know what it was - Scoble was the name and he'd taken umbrage at a UPS executive calling our genial pastime of blogging a fad. Anyway, it's sort of explained here, and even better here by the nimbly ranting Rick Segal. First off, however, I have to acknowledge and give credit to Scobbers for withdrawing after readers convinced him it was a juvenile thing to do. I'm actually impressed that the readers did so, since it sounds exactly the sort of overblown idea that wilder-eyed believers would fancy themselves at. Anyway, the main thing is that an idea *quite* so above its station surfaced in the first place - I shudder at what new gaffes lie ahead, soon to dwarf it.

Miffed at the UPS prefect's dubbing of our sacred hobby as a "fad", S rallied the troops to "link to FedEx with the word "Shipping". That way, the foolishly disrespectful suit would "see the business value in joining into the blog world instead of fighting it."

The bit that earns my Overweener garland of the week is the lofty king-making summons to,

"Let's link to his competitor and see if we can move FedEx up the Google list."

What a laugh. No wonder readers pounced on this regal proclamation before news spread and matters got *too* giggle-worthy.

I just love the preening assumption that, incur the wrath of La Bloggeria, and you may as well go back to selling matches on the streets.

Hard to cap, but it's inspired me to keep a weather-eye open for other such instances of overblown nonsense.

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