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Monday, June 27, 2005

id card


Gosh - the folks back home really *are* planning a fight against the ID card thing - there's even now a NO2ID organization opposing the planned ID card and the National Identity Register and determined to beat the Home Secretary's proposals in Parliament (already reported in the Guardian as described as "unsafe and inappropriate").

protestI'm a bit of a wimp on th subject, having lived for so long under Hong Kong's ID-card régime in its last few years as a British colony.

But it's interesting to see the almost tabloid web site that protesters put up for these occasions and causes.

Looks well organized:

  • Local groups
  • Get-involved links
  • Its own blog
  • Rather good discussion forum
  • I wonder if good the good old British bulldog stubbornness will prevail - or, as I suspect, we've been poodled and transatlanticized just a little too long.

    Walk down any High Street and all you see and hear is backward facing baseball caps and idiots ^5-ing each other and calling each other "Guys" and going "Yo!" and "Dude!"

    I'm inclined to agree with the Spectator that it may be too late; that the national spine's gone.

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