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Friday, June 17, 2005

Sister Suicide

Daughter #2 and I caught the movie of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which we'd read together - me providing an *authENTIC* throaty Greek accent for Costas, unlike the beautiful Mike Rady who only managed to lisp in fluent Dutch.

Good enough rendering to screen of Brashares' lovely novel, the tweeny audience sniffled on cue, and Santorini looked its usual picture postcard alluring.

Anyway, one of the sisterhood, Bridget, played by the coltish Blake Lively (think leggy blond bombshell with Leelee Sobieski proboscis) had at 17 been left semi-parented by her suicidal mom deciding to leave the party early.

It set me thinking when *is* a good time to top oneself?

Given you're going to do it, how about setting a date least damaging to the calendars of those one leaves behind?.

  • Stay clear of birthdays, I say - mine is Feb 4, my brother's Sept 11 (already emotion-heavy), grandmas' July 28 and Aug 11, and the girls Jan 25 and Feb 3.
  • Then you've got Dec 25 (itself a favorite time)
  • New Year's Eve
  • Father's/Mother's Day
  • The starts and beginnings of school terms
  • Graduation days (of which Americans seem to have one for every age and occasion)
  • For a USA-based impromptu exit, avoid July 4 to save folks being glum when everyone else is toasting the routing of us Redcoats.

    It should be possible to set up an Excel chart with formulae so that with each new entry the optimum date adjusts to a median date distant enough from others to avoid messy "suicide creep" and adding to the aggro one's already caused.

    Post-script: I receive more comments on this post than any other, a fact I wouldn't normally draw attention to except I need some padding for my addition of Sedition's annoyingly persuasive How to Write a Suicide Note (but why not to).

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    Thanks! Nice to be appreciated. One or two others folks also liked the idea and even started giggling over a poss movie treatment.
    Not bad.
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