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Friday, June 17, 2005


Listen, I don't care if it was a precision mission between Team America and messrs Jolie-Pitt, or some squaddie needing the loo and simply busting down the first door he came to - Douglas Wood's rescue from his Shura Mujahadeen captors is nothing short of a miracle.

In his place, I'd be taking holy orders to devote the rest of my God-given time on earth in the service of my literal Savior.

Can you imagine how his family feels? I mean, they could have put a bullet in his head the moment they knew they'd been rumbled. Anything could have happened.

Speaking of family, what's his dishy daughter doing speaking proper rather than with a delicious aussie accent one could spread on a Vegemite sarnie?

I'm now so dulled to the ruthless and appalling murders of his predecessors, I just assumed our Doug would star in some grisly Al-Jazeera video or be found a fly-infested mess at the side of the road.

And how our hearts go out to those families for whom there was *no* such merciful ending.

Speaking of reprieves - the Gormleys.

Check out daughter Maureen's June 15 posting in Unchained Melody for news of their extension until September 15th 2005 while they wait for their British passports.

As maureen says, "It's not as good as hearing that they can stay in the country, but it certainly gives us a bit more time to spend together."

Absolutely, and I included in my evening prayers a respectful hint to the Big Guy not to rest on His laurels now but delegate some honey-tongued angel to work on those INS types for a similarly satisfactory conclusion.

On this grim subject, with so much going so terribly wrong these days, I know it's invidious to single out any one example, but as a father of a daughter of Natalee Holloway's age, I ache for her parents over the inconclusive terror they must be going through.

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