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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Go Hilfiger

The cruelest Cut

So entranced am I by Ordway 2nd-graders'
Otter Tales
, I come late to the New York Times Business section where, on page 7, the pictures editor has played a cruel joke by running a picture of a businessman whose only crime is to resemble a somewhat wizened simian.

But God moves in mysterious ways and His Mercy is infinite.

To beautiful people like us, He gives the gift of penury so as to be ever about, scrabbling for income and sharing our good looks with the rest of the world. To the hapless singe d'affaires pictured above (his mocking lieutenants smirking in the back ground), he gives skill in commerce so that he may amass his fortune in bless├Ęd privacy, away from pointing fingers and cruel jibes of the populace.

But tiens! - What is this I read? The unfortunate-featured recluse is named as one Thomas Hilfiger, a seamster of repute now hoodwinked into hosting some trumpesque "reality" show on the ermine coat-tails of The Donald.

Even its name bodes no boot - The Cut - inviting every possible doomer pun.

Starting June 9, it boasts the definitive kiss-of-death ingredients.

It will bite the dust. Not as resoundingly as the personality-challenged Richard Branson, but I see not one convincing hook with which the viewing public is likely to be bamboozled.

He has been criminally advised: not only did The Donald come first but he's screwed the pitch for pale also-rans. With his peacock buffoonery and unerring eye for lampooning not only himself but the whole corporate landscape, the tonsorially triumphant Trump has an hilarious and riveting screen presence.

To boot, riding shotgun was *the* sexiest ice maiden to grace our screens, the divine Ms Kepcher.

What made each episode's board-room finale such a must-see wasn't just DT's hectoring inquisition, but Kepcher's chiseled features and flashing eyes as she delivered her *own* verdict.

The nearest competition comes, ironically, from the same Trump/Burnett stable in the promised Martha Stewart show.

As the harridan fishwife employer from hell, the divine MD will deliver a tour-de-force performance. How her staff must be giggling at the payback chance to observe these sacrificial lambs as they line up for their braising.

Trump is quoted in the article, questioning whether Hilfiger (such a curious name) has 'The Look'.

"Does he have the television personality?

Does Tommy have the goods?"

Well, he certainly has *a* Look, but not the one I think *he* thinks he has. Personality, we'll see, but I sense not.

It will crash, Mr Hilfiger will return to his pin cushion, and the waters will close over this misbegotten venture without the lightest eddie in the lapping of the waves.

So, did you see "Fire Me Please" last night. Is that another import from the BBC? Whether it is or not, I loved it. The coffee guy asking that customer whether they made that shirt for guys made me spit Diet Coke through my nose. Well, it would have had I been drinking it. Did you see it?
ack! I did *not* see it, Steve. Dammit. Is it a series? If so i must calendar it for future viewing. thanks for the pointer! C
And this is what i found, that it *was* a BBC prog called The Sack Race whose format was sold to CBS.

I am definitely tuning in for future instalments
Apparently at least two of the first contestants were actors. One does stand-up comedy and Improv. So he had an edge. That may explain how good he was, shouting "I don't care about the customer!" in the coffee joint trying desperately to get fired. I fear the show may get tired after a while, but I'll be watching at least one more week.
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