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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gnome Dux

I tried but I couldn't watch the Gnome's utterances: just seeing the bobbing of that beaky nose and that awful Ro-Ventriloquist gashy mouth reminds me of Punch and Judy rolled in one.

On more serious matters, I was reminded by the June 25 edition of the BI Review what a soul-destroying trade journalism can be.

fatty picNot just the photos they have to print, such as the pic of that monied intruder clambering up to proclaim that, "Some day, all that gone be ruined, too", but the ghastly prose they have to eke out.

God help (and bless) Staff Writer Douglas Crist as he had to swallow back the bile to include in his Downtown shifting eastward article such abominations as

As I've apologized earlier for, it distresses me greatly that, with their financing, fellow Hong Kong folks may have encouraged this desecration.

Since they have, and I've been too late to arrange Black & Dekker interface with certain moneyed kneecaps, may I at least suggest "Shark Fin" and "Puget Opulent Vista" be added to the silly namings above as well as 'Sea Lion', 'Beach' and whatever else they come up with.

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