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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Eddie Jay Williams is one of the nicest guys I know, in addition to which he surpasses excellent on the guitar and wails the best harmonica I've heard live.

Do yourselves a favor and check out his website. Or is it websiteS plural?

I must have known Eddie as long as I've known Seabold. As I recall, he just came right up to me and introduced himself and made me feel at home.

In fact, the whole of Seabold do that to you, but it just seems I've known Eddie forever.

eddieI thought I'd fool around with sepia and make Eddie look like some authentic ol' blues picker from the 1930s - like they did in that Wag the Dog movie.

I also thought I'd doll him up in this season's fashionable colors. Eddie's the least vain chap I know, so it's fun to tease him from the safe distance of my blog.

somedaySee that illustration over there on the right? It's of Eddie's ace CD, Someday that no true collection of good singers is without.

I must have burned at least 20 copies for pals passing through (but hush, not a word to EW) and there's a Radio Brighton DJ who makes sure she plays at least one Williams song a week.

georgia and emily and Being a bitter 'n' twisted jealous type, my default sneer is that such-and-such a bloke doesn't deserve such-n-such a woman. Probably because I so singularly fail to attract any nice lady of my own.

In Eddie's case, he *totally* deserves the lovely Georgia Brown (right of photo) - and she totally deserves him. Cupid got it right there (mutter scowl sour grapes).

But I mustn't over-gush because the last time I did (actually to *Eddie*), he sent me a 16-page scolding email about how every dude in town was trying to lure Georgia away, etc. By all means be *polite* about her, but don't go overboard, at least not in Eddie's hearing.

Hullo there - the shy fiddler, short hair, her name is Chele (pronounced Shelly) and she IS as sweet as can be and fragile and approach cautiously and if you hurt her you will be dead meat. *smiles sweetly*
The phantom lovely banjo player, I forget her name too, but she is Chele's landlord, has goats, and is married with children and plays with Tim Sell's band. Linda, I'm pretty sure her name is.

Nice to know my lovely bloke is looking out for me...and you are completely right - we completely deserve each other, for better or worse!
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