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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Roosting great blue heron

Capricious Seditious

This is a guy I worked with - his wife, too - and they are absolute winners, but that's by the by.

He will wince mightily at my appalling headline but that's the fun of blogging.

I was going to say he's probably my first choice to be stuck in a foxhole under gunfire and know we stand a chance of blazing our way out, but his missus wouldn't be bad riding shotgun either so I'll just recruit the whole family.

Check out these amazing photos (of which the 'Roosting Great Blue Heron' *should* be illustrating my title, but appears to be invisible in IE).

VPSeeing as how he's included a pic of his perfect offspring, I'll show off my own snap from a day we spent at the aquarium.

Just a beautiful girl, and her bro in the background ain't no slouch in the looks department neither.

But I'm posting this for El Seditio's remarkable photos - and the generally bolshy tone of his lively blog, which I trust will startle a few out of complacency.

A duo - nay, a family - that enriches others' lives.

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