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Monday, June 27, 2005

Blogs I read

I can't wait to read Julie's take on Gnomedex - in fact, *everyone's* account, but La J has a style I find particularly readable, so even if I don't understand some of her techie stuff, I like the way she talks it.

Meanwhile, I've been meaning to scribble something about that by-now-old-hat but v interesting post about Blogs people read or love, that I think came from the deliciously-named Scheherazade. (Deliciously named but the devil to spell if, like me, you think that first 'a' is an 'e').

I've trimmed my own list considerably. Goodness it was a mis-mash, but here's what I aim for:

Reminds me of my time in books when everyone mixed with everyone else in the book world and we were constantly rushing back and forth with dinner guest authors' books so they'd be there on the shelves when the scribe oh-so casually looked over the library .

I could never be bothered so I'd have large cards printed onto which I could scribble "Lent to Sally, 24/8/1972" or "Oct 14 1997 - Lent to BBC for docudrama. Contact Simon".

What made it trickier was that folks in the business tend to have inscribed copies so it was vital the writer not actually take his own book down from the shelf and see that it didn't actually belong to the hosts.

But I'm getting off track, as I always do. I meant to say that the added joy of that particular "Etiquette" post was the feisty comments and added benefit of aggregators chat that I must *must* get up to speed on.

In my nightmares, the perfect boss is about to offer me the perfect job and doesn't need to put me through any long interview spiel, so why don't I just chat for 2 mins about aggregators? How I use them, how I'd explain them to my daughter, that kinda thing.

I wake sweating and cussing my procrastinating ways ...

Right - one more phone call to one more bored-sounding HR jerk and then I can reward myself with close reading of La Leung's gnomic recollections.

Post-script: Have now thoroughly read JL's report and all her links and all the comments.

Super stardom couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Articulacy isn't in huge supply in the tech world so people like J will be pounced on as spokesmen and ambassadresses for the cause.

If J thought she had a busy life up to now, it's about to get busier and morepublic. She has reached a tide in the affairs tipping point fork in the river (and any other mixed images you can think of) where she'll have some decisions to make. It'll be to all *our* advantage and probably at some cost to Julie which, dammit, she's the sort of nice enough self-sacrificing person to make.

I'll be watching her progress til the day I say "I actually know Julie" and have raspberries blown in my face for telling such a obvious whopper. Well *done* that woman ... and I trust her daughters are keeping notes for the auto-blography they must write one day about their remarkable raising.

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