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Saturday, June 18, 2005

billy forrester

Billy Forrester

Together with Susan Welch, Billy Forrester is one of "Dusty Rose" whose beautiful "Eleven on Eleven" album was recorded by Rob Folsom and mixed and mastered by our very own genius mobile hobo, Eddie Williams.

Billy plays with such a clear tone and takes such melodic solos I often wish the singer would shut up and let Billy turn it into an instrumental.

He also writes some of the best lyrics and tunes I've heard - whenever his "Lighter Side of Blue" comes round, a silence falls on the Busker household.

I was sitting to his right and every now and then he'd give a sharp glance round, not at me but at my left hand fingers on the fretboard.

Guitarists out there will know that there is no politer or more effective way of expressing grave doubts about someone's correct chording. Or tuning ... Or just their fitness to be wielding a guitar in the first place.

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