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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

grad party

8th Grade Graduation

Rule Uno Unissimi: never post pics of ones belovèds for the easier preying of villains out there.

Well ... daughter #2's grad fête was a gas and I've never seen so many finery-decked 14-yr-old sophistiquées on parade.

My own Honors Student cherie looked like dynamite and rocked as if the party were in *her* honor.8th grade grad - Rose
Left, my babe with a young chap who went very shy when he heard my Oxford tones and found I was actual *papa*, complete with bullwhip in my back pocket. Right, her best pal with un-nervingly handsome and self-possessed young man.

Drat! I rather liked the photo that *was* to the right with The Gal looking faux surprised and shy young chap playing it respectful and cool. But She wanted it down so down it comes, leaving a horrid gap. I'll see what else I've got from the Schoolapalooza.

But 'pon my soul, the young these days are a terrifyingly cool bunch.

Hard for a parent to remember that they're still utter babes and need the requisite mix of harsh discipline, guidance, adoration and water 'n' gruel diet.

Being totally under mamzel's thumb and entwin├Ęd by her pinkie, I am pathetically unable to deliver a scintilla of anything from that list.

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