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Monday, May 02, 2005

mothers day

What Mom Wants

May 8th - Mother's Day

Only a week to go to the date we miss at our peril.

Neat US News article on What Mom Really Wants, reminding us that, "The Seven most stress-inducing words in the English language may be 'I don't want anything for Mother's Day'. "

We all have moms, or are married to one, or actually *are* one - bless you - and there are cool ideas for all types:

All good suggestions and some fun links.

I must be a techi mom as my crew gave me an iPod mini in ice blue. I love it! Now, I need to load it up with all my fav tunes, pod casts and such. What a great moms day I had...
Well *done* your crew.

My darlings gave their tireless Mom the latest by fave author Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, a Lyle Lovett CD and some gewgaw from that wonderful new Scrapbook emporium where ArtSoup once bubbled.

The witty and suitably lovingly inscribed Hallmark card was in the shape of a cell phone, prompting fond wisecrack that the clever vixens have headed off "The Frown" over the next bill and grumblings over the World Bank suddenly addressing invoices for Chile's national debt to Queen Anne.
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