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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

robert blake

Robert Blake

I don't have an opinion one way or another about Robert Blake's possible involvement in the slaying of Bonny Lee Blakley.

But I'll own up to feeling easy about his acquittal.

That was some trial, and as I followed it I kept thinking of what he once said about what he'd learned:

robert blake

"I am what I am. I'm crazy, I'm hostile, I got a lot of drive, I got a lot of hate, a lot of fear.

For most of my life, I tried to put that away and be like other people, and therapy didn't change me. But what I learned - and what I want to tell *you* - is:

If you can get to that place where you can take whatever you are and use it out there in the world, not try to put it away and say I'm not angry, I'm a good boy, I'm not scared of the dark anymore ... whatever your problem is ... instead of going into the corner like a dog and chewing on your own feet.

If you can take that ... that whatever is in you, and turn it up and say that's what the hell I am 'n' I gotta find a way to make that work, then you'll be OK."

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