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Friday, May 27, 2005

recyle poster from MM

Recycle Poster UK-style

Favorite Brit-chick (as she was known to my staff at work) mails me about

"A big push over here to recycle - our local Council has even given us all a second wheelie-bin for garden/food waste in addition to our standard wheelie-bin and the green box for papers, bottles and cans!

Here is a rather clever poster advert on the A4 coming into West London.

Three out of four of those products are surely in everyone's cupboard over here - we have all 4!!"

I spot:

  • My belovèd Marmite, far right.
  • Robertson's jams and marmalades (in my day, the label was adorned with a merry 'golliwog' that one could send away for badges of and other souvenirs featuring the cheeky chappie. Long since done away with in the accursèd name of modernity.
  • Is that 'London' label a Hellmann's jar?
  • Finally - shame on me and all thanks to Sharon - the 'Recycle' jar is, of course, wonderful Branston Pickle, which should long have been on my SNOOPS list (Stuff Never Out Of Permanent Stock).

  • Comments:
    Isn't it Branston pickle?

    (Marmite, ugh. People who like Marmite are sick puppies.)
    thanks sharon! good catch. sick puppy, it is, i guess ;-) C
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