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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Productive Blogging

I find I use this blog as an anvil for hammering things out, whereupon I can see if there's an iota of sense, sincerity or truthful opinion.

It's also good for keeping my near and dear in touch with latest fads and foolishness, sometimes eliciting feedback that I've actually caught myself on blue moon moments acknowledging and heeding glimmers of good advice.

What I don't understand is my apparent inability to apply anything from other blogs that I admire. Such as brevity. Well, that goes for people, too, so I shouldn't be too surprised.

My late father had a trait that I yearned to make mine. When addressed, he would fix you with his level gaze during which there'd be a pause that sometimes had people wondering if he'd actually heard them and whether they should repeat.

Then, without hum or ha or fiddly gesture, he'd deliver his considered reply to the point in hand, no more and no less. No embellishing or blowing his own trumpet or making a tangent to what he himself might fancy chatting about.

I'm reminded of all this by a fine post by Lifehacker citing Keith Robinson on what makes a good blog. Also, Tristan Louis' equally valuable secrets of A-list bloggers.

  • Brevity
  • Scheduling specific time to write (as I do my email)
  • Take photos, husband ideas for fallow times
  • Again, lots of short entries (I really must try that excellent discipline of keeping to under 150 words
  • Read, listen, explore
  • Be ever alert to the new and challenging
  • It used to be my guitar, churning and honing new compositions for the current Muse de coeur, regardless of whether she ever heard or heeded them. Now I sense I'm on a course best summarized as 'Blog Your Way to Sanity'

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