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Friday, May 13, 2005

mclibel anti-mcdonalds image


A movie I intend to see.

McLibel opens Seattle June 10.

I don't know how much coverage this case got in the US but it caught the Brits' imagination with its David-and-Goliath element and chance to bad-mouth all things corporate *and* American, to boot.

thumbs up from ronald mcdonald

  • Landing them in the longest trial in English legal history, the 'McLibel Two' - penniless activists Helen Steel and Dave Morris - took on McDonald's USD$19 million legal team and delivered them a bloody nose in what's now seen as one of the biggest corporate PR disasters ever.
  • The marathon legal battle ended last February in the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Speaking of PR, not the best of times for the Golden Arch-holes: first Super Size Me and now this, filmed over ten years and with re-enactments of key courtroom scenes directed by none other than Ken Loach.
  • Seeing that celebratory Ronald McDonald up there, I wonder how easy it was for the PR department to find an actor ready to take on the assignment. I mean, the win was so unpopular, I'd've worried about some passer-by biffing me one.

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