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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Island Cloggings

Mid-morning Pimms unfortunately soured by depressing update on that construction monstrosity daily defiling High School Road.

kim sorenson - photo douglas cristMollified by editor's clever ploy of decorating dismal tale with fetching snap of some Jennifer Love Hewitt-lookalike, complete with pristine hard-hat in seasonal blush pink.

Virginia Villa manageress Linda O'Neill nails it in one: “I don’t think people could visualize just how big the project would be during permit review."

Nods. Always humiliating to wake to realization that clever developers have once again run rings round us rural islanders.

Read somewhere that Suquamish casino pays extra for police time spent mopping up traffic messes caused by greenhorn customers failing to read our roads right.

That 51-room hotel could be a source of moolah and merriment once the guest rooms fill and dinky rented hybrids vie with local juggernauts for filter into the 4-way mayhem.

Annoying, too, to miss putting at least a steel-tipped toecap into that Harbor Square travesty. Should have foreseen that cunning fellow Hong Kong-ers would want in on slice of the action.

Had I been thinking on my feet, could have arranged for assorted colonial ruffians to circulate muscular hints around midlevels haciendas and fleshpots of Lang Kwai Fong that anti-social investment of dubiously acquired 'cheen' only encourages *more* of such desecration, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Dept of Silver Lining: From experience, this sort of migration attracts knowledgeable camp followers, disgruntled by irksome security and draconian Beijingois sentences back home and relieved to work the easier touch of a gweilo beat.

Might apply for loan to set up discreet triad-centric bed & congee safe-house complete with yum-cha and daily delivery of Ming Pao.

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