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Monday, May 09, 2005



Saturday showtime!

Off betimes to our excellent BPA, accompanied by #2 jewel.

What a remarkable troupe that is, under the steely direction of Sarn't Major Ballenger, who so reminded me of my own school's Officer Training Corps (OTC) Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) that I sat to attention throughout lest he choose me for kit inspection and send me home for shoddy blanco on my webbing.

The Beat had mentioned he'd be there, so I primed Anna with samples of his postings and the two of us checked out the milling lobby for likeliest suspects.

I have - or had - a precise image of what Bainbridge Beat looks like. Now I have seven - eight if you include a rather handsome woman who also fitted the bill.

Wonderful evening! What a powerhouse of quick thinkers and what finely judged timing KB exercised, be it cueing in each actor or knowing precisely when each sketch had mined the vein.

Invidious to single anyone out but major props to deft ivories tinkler Andrew Shields and Matt Whitman is a hoot. (Note how I clear I stay from sexist comment on the major babe power of the enchantingly-named Bhama Roget).

Such enjoyment and admiration doesn't strike often so I'm much relieved that A gave it All Thumbs Up and Must Do Again.

As we filed out I made us watch for any tell-tale Beat-nik gestures or informed comments. No luck so I'm still no nearer uncovering my learned blogger-in-arms.

Damn'd fine evening all the same, much enjoyed, and to become a regular outing - from a few rows back.

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