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Monday, May 16, 2005

Air America

Fun Fun Fun

('til Daddy takes the D-Bird awa-a-y)

Am having bags of fun re-discovering the AM waveband by plugging into 1090 AM KPTK's Air America

  • That Randi Rhodes
  • Janeane Garofalo
  • Sam Sneder
  • Al Franken
  • A shouty bloke whose name I've not yet caught.

    That clever Mr. Franklin actually had a standing-room-only signing session at CoErcia Enterprises where I got his scrawl on his book.

    We genteel Brits aren't used to Barnum & Bailey foghorn hollering, so it's fascinating to lie awake a-bed and listen to this soap-box bawling.

    It may be Ms Rhodes - certainly that other bloke - but someone certainly gives the microphone a right caning.

    Having been on the enginering side, all I can think of is the needle jabbing into the red and what sort of baffle they must give the mic to fend off all those sibilants and indignant consonants.

    Great show.

  • Comments:
    I think it is a T-Bird!
    Of course it's a T-Bird. That's what allows me to pun on D for democracy.

    Honestly, talk about pearls before.
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