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Friday, May 27, 2005

bill frisell


Which sounds by the more Royal Appointment?

The Bill Frisell official homepage or his official website? Both look vaguely accredited but I'm more and more coming across such duelling URLs.

Anyway, both seem to have caught scent of his June 12 new release, "East/West", which is more than the actual label, Nonesuch, is ready to reveal.

"Specially-priced double-live CD featuring Bill Frisell's two working trios.

"West", featuring Bill's trio with Viktor Krauss and Kenny Wollesen, recorded at Yoshi's in Oakland.

"East" featuring Frisell's other working trio with Tony Scherr and Kenny Wollesen, recorded at the Village Vanguard in New York City."

Fine pedigree: Claudia Engelhart engineered the Yoshi's performances, Tucker Martine engineered the Vanguard dates, Greg Calbi mastered both, and production by the great Lee Townsend.

To, boot, a second set of material from both the "East" and "West" venues said to become available as a special download.

Meanwhile, music flows everywhere:

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