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Sunday, May 15, 2005

flight plan


Yet another splendid curry at the excellent Gandhi - this time well stocked with Kingfisher beer and with manager Manoj Kumar presiding serenely at the receipt of custom, leaving the gracious scurrying to his trained staff.

From there, a mere waddle to my seat for the 3:45 showing of Monster-in-Law, made impossible to watch by Jane Fonda's overly convincing portrayal in the title role and Jennifer Lopez' inability to bring anything to her part as the hapless would-be daughter-in-law.

Last straw was Fonda sneaking up on JLo in full oriental garb as she settles down to a scary movie, and then talking throughout the rest of the pic. I upped and crossed over to admire Sean Penn playing yet another version of himself in The Interpreter.

But these outings are never a disappointment because I make sure to arrive in good time to catch the trailers.

Looks like a goodie coming up on September 23 - Flightplan with the ever-fanciable Jodie Foster.

"Flying at 40,000 feet from Berlin to New York, Kyle Pratt (Foster) faces every mother's worst nightmare when her young daughter vanishes mid-flight.

Already emotionally devastated by the unexpected death of her husband, Kyle desperately struggles to prove her sanity to the disbelieving flight crew (Sean Bean as gruff Captain - who else? - and henchman Peter Sarsgaard) and passengers, while facing the very real possibility that she may be losing her mind."

I love the line about "every mother's worst nightmare". What, *every? I myself am currently at the mercy of some pretty gruelling cauchemars, but none has actually been airborne in quite that way. I'm willing to bet that you could line up loving mamas from Doncaster to Disteghil Sar, Nacogdoches to Namcha Barwa, and not one would have in their top ten frights the possibility of misplacing a sprog at 40,000 feet.

End note: speaking of frights, I just gave myself a 10-minute puzzler thanks to being flash with that cauchemars link.

I've been listening to Segovia through headphones and suddenly became aware of the faint but distinct sound of someone breathing. I had three browsers open but it didn't occur to me to check. I thought at first it was a sensitive mic picking up Andrés himself as he bent over the fretboard but when I paused the plunking, the breathing went on ... ugh. It was the nightmare site ... sinister and not the most reassuring sound at 0115 hrs of a bleak night.

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