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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Jack * Ginger * Eric

Phooey to missing the HHGTTG première, *this* is the reunion I'd've jetted over for.

Sounds more Ascot than a rock reunion when they say that, "The atmosphere is less like a rock concert than a corporate hospitality tent at Wimbledon. Paunchy men in sports jackets clink ice in gin and tonics, and mumsy ladies fan themselves with pricey souvenir programmes. Presumably some of them were here the last time Cream played the Royal Albert Hall, squinting at the band's November 1968 farewell concert through a fug of aromatic smoke."

Reviews:"Slowhand at 60" and NYT

I heard part of this concert on XM Radio. It was awesome to say the least and I too wish I could have been there. What a wild trip!
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