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Monday, May 02, 2005

Book Angst

I probably have as many readers back in Europe and in my old field of publishing than I have here in the US.

Plus all the authors we helped during our stint as agents in the far east. In fact, I wish the Web and Angst had been around *during* those agenting years as a reality-check link to send packing the duds and faint-hearteds we had to fend off.

Despite being out of the mainstream for many years, I still get flattering queries and references, so here for my old book buddies and ascribing authors everywhere is a useful little link - courtesy of good old Grumpy Bookman who I link to. (I don't know why more of my booky UK chums don't know him. I suppose rather like few of my Hong Kong contacts seem to follow the excellent Hemlock - prophets not without honour).

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