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Friday, May 13, 2005

CIA fact book banner

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2005 CIA World Factbook

Having spent time in spook-ridden Asia, made a few pals among operatives on the dark side, *and* never stinted on an overactive imagination, I've always been slightly in awe over the conundrum of the CIA actually making public any sort of information.

Their World Factbook is as good a reference source as any and many a homework assignment has borne the hint of the CIA stamp. On an even more practical note, the Kérkyra laptop is configged to boot to the time zone (click on map) - a useful safeguard against pre-dawn phone calls to Château Busker.

The 2005 edition has the usual updates, plus new features such as info' broken up under subheads.

  • The 'People' subhead now shows major infectious diseases for countries considered to have a higher degree of risk for travelers. For instance, Benin lists waterborne and vector-borne diseases as well as respiratory diseases.
  • New entries include 'Economy' subhead fields for Current Account Balance, Investment, Public Debt, and Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold.
  • Where appropriate, the Trans-national subhead shows Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons fields.

    And, since I like to keep things under one roof:

  • Info' Service's Web's Best Resource
  • Media Link's Directory of Experts (incl prominent display of Bainbridge Neighbors for Peace
  • Spire Project

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