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Monday, May 16, 2005

bagelsgoat sampson

$2.00 Bagel!

(paper or plastic?)

My list of gripes to pin on Julie Leung grows apace.

Mostly stemming from that disconcertingly chummy get-together she and Ted organized to lure us BI tappers out into the sunlight.

That's where I met Adrian 'Feral Goat' Sampson, fresh-faced site keeper of the anagrammatic Capra Hircus on which is posted an all-too catchy and bizarre $2.00 bagel shanty.

*Twice* in her posting doth La J warn me not to click on that musical Pandora, but did I listen?

Since being ensnared by this ditty, I've had pass thru my portals assorted low lifers - singers and strummers, rapistas and a capellates, hollerers and hipster hoppers - all of whom with one accord vote it hypnotic and seem to have lost no time despatching it to fellow ne'er-do-wells from Hong Kong to Halifax, Macau to Makati.

In sour-grapes view of 'Goat' Sampson's unforgivable youth and cleverness, naturally no mention is made of any début album by a certain local 'progressive' musical combo posing as Triach Trio & Ivan Sly.

The timing is spot-on and there's real inventiveness there with its dangerous intravenous mantra hook. The last time my pals were queuing in a bagelorium - and these are ace sessions guys who can stumble hungover into a studio, peer blearily at the sheet music, and still wrap it in one - they caused much merriment with their staccato hip-swaying: CH with Tayor

"Two dollar bagel! * Yeh! What you *say*? - What - what - what? - Two dollar bagel! - Paper or plastic? - What? Yeh. - Two. Dollar. Bagel!"
It is now banned from the Holmes sound systems until normal service is resumèd and Holmes Juniorette has been de-programmed.

Ah, so add it to the list then...;-)

Me thinks we should request a concert! Live! At_____...!
Yep, 'live' concert is what the doc ordered - with artistic dance interpretation courtesy of mesdemoiselles Leung, i feel.

thanks for taking my "gripe" reference so well. a rather serious pal who reads my blog from time to time (but finds it too silly to take seriously) emailed me with a chiding plea, "Chris! you canNOT go round saying these things ... no wonder you have no friends ... that is so rude to tell someone you have a gripe abou them ... is there anyway you might be able to apologize without being your usual unctuous self? ... and i thought you told me the first thing would-be employers do is check out your blog? No one is going to want to even meet someone with your attitude!" Duly chastised - and heaven help me when she sees this comment. I'll have to send her some $2 bagels by way of peace offering.
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