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Friday, April 08, 2005

Tolo Toll

To Safeway for plastic bags and marmalade where am accosted by the lovely Mrs K- who asks me when I'm updating my blog with comment on the latest BI Review. I promise to buy one and form some sort of opinion thereupon.

Also covered by the Islander, only goings-on that stirs my lethargy is this wretched on-rolling Tolo rollover saga which seems to be turning into a page droner of its own.

A rĂ´le for all the family when they put together the grisly made-for-TV biopic: A civil lawsuit has been filed by la famille Gillette, but get this - not just mom 'n' dad entering the fray but twin soeur and brother have been raked in. In the plaintiff corner, also keeping the family feud motif: the parents *and* the two 14-year olds involved in Ms Gillette's killing.

The Lord must be wondering whose exactly *is* His vengeance these days.

But it must be done. The tragedy must be played out to a true and bitter Shakespearean end with the stage lumped with corpses at curtain fall. The victory must be Pyrrhic and the kilos of flesh sliced from every possible body part lest justice be not seen (or, more important, *felt*) to be done.

This whole sad story will drag on 'til everyone is reduced to gibbering wrecks - and just us onlookers. God help the actual parties involved..

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