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Friday, April 15, 2005

Sky earthbound

Praise be that Roby Gilbert's long nightmare is over.

But did I hear it right? Some alert Kiwi landlord got suspicious over a phoned reservation for the errant Juliette G that came from *here* in the NW?

That adds a new dimension to the drama - the kidnapper had a contact right here on the island advising her each move.

That's like the Jackal's 'Valmy' steering the assassin clear of police moves to head off his de Gaullist hit.

Market Morn

On more innocent pleasures, what a splendid April 13 front page of our BI Review toasting "Market Morn" - complete with ace pic of chording colleague Thom Herring and - one in the eye for my churlish remarks about a plethora of pooches - a lovely shot of Rick Hauptmann with cutissimo Homer in his arms.

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